Sylvain Eliade

Senior web developer

Who am I?

What tech am I working with?

Do I work with mobile platforms?

Previous experience

Since 2016 — Gladeye (Auckland, New Zealand)

2014-2015 — Mad Mandarine (Dijon, France)

2014 — Vinium luxury web agency (Beaune, France)

2011-2014 — La rustine, co-founder and director (Dijon, France)

2010-2011 — Kidideux (Dijon, France)

2006-2010 — social network (Paris, France)

2004-2006 — French ministry of youth and sports (Dijon, France)

2003-2004 – Kreactiv'Studio web agency (Montauban, France)

What does my code/work looks like?


Web work

What do I contribute to open-source?